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Wigs 101: The Basics of Wigs

Wigs 101: The Basics of Wigs


Benefits of Wearing a Wig

Whether you're just ready for a change or needing coverage while your hair regrows, wigs are a practical and fun choice:

• Change your look: rather than commit to cutting your hair or changing your color, wigs are a fun way to instantly have a new look. In mere minutes you can change your hair color, length and style!

• Save time: no need to spend half an hour on your hair every morning - slip on a wig, and your "do" looks great!

• Cover up: if your hair is thinning, breaking or falling out, your wig disguises your "bad hair days" by helping you always look your best. Plus, wigs keep you warmer in winter!

How to Select a Wig

First, choose the type of wig fiber you want: synthetic or human hair. In making this decision, consider the length of time you will use it. Human hair wigs last much longer, but are more expensive. Here are the pros and cons of both:

 Synthetic fiber: A good choice if your budget is limited, your time/ability to care for your wig is minimal, and your hair loss is temporary. Synthetic wigs have fiber memory, helping them retain their style much better, even when washed. Cons: the "hair" in some synthetic wigs is a little stiffer than human hair, although this has greatly improved in the last few years. Occasionally, synthetic wigs are itchy. And you cannot color the hair.

 Human hair: Just like your hair, it can be colored, permed, or straightened. You can use electric curlers or a curling iron. You will also need to shampoo, dry, style and condition your wig regularly. Again, human hair wigs are more expensive - but they last longer.

Next, determine the cut (style), color, custom measurements, cap and cost for your wig - we call it the 5C's:

• Choose your cut. To get style ideas, we recommend you visit, click on "Hollywood makeovers" and then click on "Hair." You can upload your own photo, and then try on the hairstyles of various celebrities to see what looks good on you. Then browse our website for all the available styles and read the descriptions which highlight the face shapes that work best with each style.

• Choose your color. Every wig style comes in a plethora of color choices, and you can click on each for a close-up view of each color selection. For help, visit our color guide. You can also send us a swatch that you want us to duplicate.

• Get it customized. Every wig is customized to fit your head specifically; just follow our video instructions for measuring your head.

• Choose your cap. You have six selections of caps to help you find the one that feels great while supporting your wig style.

• Keep your cost low. At Wigs by Patti, we cut, style and size your wig to your specific head size - and all this customization is complimentary. Plus, we offer free ground shipping in the U.S.

View the helps and videos on our website to answer other questions, or give us a call at 800-670-3292. Shop for your Patti's wig today, and look your best right away!

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