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Patti's Color Ring Loan Program

Patti's Color Ring Loan Program

Having a hard time choosing a color?

Need a little more to go on than swatches on a computer screen?

Try out Patti's color ring loan program!

Step 1. Pick a Ring!

We offer a variety of color rings from many different brands.
You can choose a color ring from our website here.

 Step 2. Choose Your Color!

Your color ring has arrived and now the fun begins! Take time to examine the swatches and pick the color you love. We recommend holding the swatches against your skin to help decide which colors compliment your tone.

 Step 3. Send It Back!

Once you've picked your color, fill out the Return Authorization Form on our website within 20 days of receiving your ring, just as you would with any return item. Within one business day, our returns department will email you with instructions on how to proceed and an address to send your color ring to!

 Step 4. Get Refunded!

After we receive your color ring and it passes through QC, you can expect your refund within 3-5 business. In just four steps, you’re left with a better idea of colors you might like and you've got your refund*; it doesn’t get much better than that!

 *Refund excludes shipping

NOTE: Discount codes cannot be applied to color rings

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