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12 Common Misconceptions about Wigs

12 Common Misconceptions about Wigs

Wigs often get a bad rap because there are a lot of myths floating around, such as they are uncomfortable or look fake. But, a lot of the rumors you hear about wigs simply aren’t true. By believing the misconceptions, you’re missing out on a great way to give your look a boost. We’ve taken the most common myths about wigs and deciphered the truth for you make the choice that’s right for you.

 1. Wigs look fake.

Yes, there are some wigs that you can clearly tell aren’t natural hair, but not all wigs. By purchasing quality wigs that are made with high end materials, including human hair, and choosing one that fits well, it will look as natural as your own hair.

 2. Wigs are hot and itchy.

Yes, low quality wigs can be hot and itchy, but quality wigs are now made with Monofilament material, which is very comfortable and specifically made to reduce scalp irritation.

 3. Human hair wigs are better.

Not necessarily. Although many prefer human hair because they look more natural, synthetic wigs have come a long way over the years, and look more natural than ever before. Plus, they require less maintenance and often last longer. You can even use heating tools on synthetic wigs now without causing damage.

 4. Wigs decrease hair growth.

In no way will wearing a wig decrease or hinder your hair from growing. If you’re already concerned about thinning hair, a wig will actually make you feel more confident, without being the cause of further hair loss.

 5. Wigs don’t move like natural hair.

Again, this depends on the quality of wig you purchase. Cheap wigs often come with a set style, which makes the wig look fake because there’s little movement due to the rigid appearance. However, quality wigs move and flow just as natural as your own hair.

 6. Wigs fall off easily.

Wigs will remain securely on your head as long as you take the proper steps, such as having your head measured. Wigs also include straps, clips, silicone strips, or lace to help keep your wig in place.

 7. Wigs come in limited colors.

Wigs come in a variety of colors, lengths, and even with highlights. You’re not stuck with your basic blonde, brown, or black. You can have a wig made to the exact color you’d like.

 8. You can’t use a curling iron.

Many wigs, including synthetic, are now able to withstand the heat of home styling tools. So, there’s no need to throw out your hair strengtheners or curling irons.

 9. Wigs are hot.

This also depends on the quality of the wig. By purchasing a luxury wig, the gauze-like material and monofilament used make the wigs much cooler to wear and more comfortable.

 10. Wigs are too bulky.

Unless you’re specifically looking for a bulky wig, not they are not bulky when you purchase a great wig. Wigs are often available in a number of thicknesses, so you’re able to choose just how thick you’d like your wig to be.

 11. Wigs are easily damaged.

Wigs do require a little extra care than your natural hair, but by following the proper care tips, your wig will last for many years. Real hair wigs do tend to require a little more care than synthetic, so keep that in mind when choosing a wig.

 12. Wigs aren’t worth the money.

Although it’s a personal choice, the cost of a wig is worth the investment when it comes to how you feel about yourself. A wig is great for boosting your self esteem and adding a new, hot look to your fashion.

 Wigs are an awesome way to hold your head up high to walk with confidence!

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