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Box Hair: bumps, crimps, unruly bangs, etc – Why doesn’t my wig look like the model photos?

Box Hair: bumps, crimps, unruly bangs, etc – Why doesn’t my wig look like the model photos?

If you’ve experienced box hair (aka “cold crimping”), or you just want to know more about it, we’re here to break it down for you. Box hair is common and can happen when the hair fibers lay in an unnatural position over a period of time.


Remaining in a position for an extended time, and/or experiencing temperature changes, can contribute to the fibers conforming to the shape of the box. This leads to unruly fibers that stick up, fold under, curl in the wrong direction, etc. Think of it like a t-shirt that gets wrinkly when it’s balled up for a while.


The main culprits of box hair:


- A hot or cold warehouse or shipping truck
- Improper storage (such as being folded up in a way that is not the natural hair flow)
- Being stored while wet or damp
- Being stored with barrettes or other hair accessories in them 

Basically, box hair is no fun, and it may leave you asking, “Why doesn’t my wig look perfect like the model photos?!” But rest assured, it is normal, and it CAN be fixed! Keep reading to learn how to conquer box hair.


A classic case of unruly bangs caused by box hair/cold crimping:





Box hair is normal, and it affects many wigs and toppers. Luckily, it’s not permanent, and we have some tips to share with you. When you receive your new piece, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look pristine and perfect like the model photos (but if it does, hey, that’s awesome!).


Your piece has just had a long journey of living in a box and experiencing many temperature changes on its way to you. Any of us would look a little unkempt after a long journey, right? The good news is that you CAN fix box hair. And since we like you, here are some of our best tips!




SHAKE - for minor cases such as overall “flatness.” Shake out the wig to release the fibers that are stuck flat to the cap– don’t be scared to get messy! Just be careful with your curly or wavy wigs since shaking can separate the curls and may cause poufiness or frizz. Pro tip: hold the wig by the nape when shaking– avoid holding by the lace front as it can easily damage it.

    WATER - for minor cases, spritz the area with water and put the hairpiece on a canvas blockhead to dry. Many times, the fibers will fall back into place naturally.

    WASH - wash it as you normally would and let it dry on a mannequin head or stand.

    HEAT - for heat-defiant (HD) pieces, you can use a curling iron or flat iron to remove box hair. A hot air brush is also effective and can be used on HD and non-HD synthetic.

    STEAM - especially for regular synthetics that can’t be used with hot tools. Apply steam to the problem area while combing with a fine-tooth comb. Let dry. 


    EXTRA PRO TIP: Remember that altering your wig in any of the ways above makes your item unreturnable. Returned items must be in brand-new condition. Please make sure you want to keep your piece before trying any of the above methods. :)


    As always, if you find that you’re still having trouble getting your wig to look how you want, you can reach out to us for personalized assistance! We are available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST by email or phone!


    Phone: 1-800-670-3292 

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