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Center Mono Part Wigs

Center Mono Part Wigs

Wigs shown on banner: Trending Tresses by Gabor in GL29-31SS (left); Ceremony by Belle Tress in Butterbeer Blonde (right)

We are excited to share with you some of the gorgeous center monofilament part wigs available for our customers. From long, sleek styles to short and trendy cuts, you'll find the perfect wig to complete your look. Read on to find out more about our selection of center part wigs!

A monofilament part is a section of monofilament/lace at the part where hair is hand-tied into (usually around 1” wide). With this piece of monofilament, you have a natural scalp appearance in the part area as well as a small amount of room where the part can be moved over slightly.

Check out the fabulous center part wigs below. Click each one for pricing and additional information. <3


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