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How do I turn this thing on?

How do I turn this thing on?

This is my first blog EVER! My name is Patti Joyce and I am woman, wife, mother, taxi driver, cook, a great red wine drinker (it's good for you, you know), handy woman, business owner, wig designer and stylist, old as dirt, and most importantly - a cancer survivor!! I have walked the walk and my dream and goal is to have a website geared toward the women who have cancer as well as the hair challenged. It's here - my website is called  Please come see me on my website. I have videos, pictures, my wigs that I will customize for you after you buy them and tips and tricks for living with hair as well as styling. My motto is "Get Up, Suit Up, and Show Up".  That motto has served me well at certain points in my life and especially when I was battling cancer when some days you just feel like giving up.

It is Friday afternoon here in San Diego and I must say that it has been a busy week. Website, wigs, visits to doctors offices, "cuttin and a sewing". I remember not too many years ago that Saturdays morning were all about taking the boys to soccer games. Taxi all over town, checking my watch, putting snacks and water in the car, and always looking for the boys! Some of you are there right now and some of you are on other paths. It is amazing that each passage we are on has the high notes and the hard learning experiences.  I ask you to embrace this day right now that we have. In the flicker of an eye or a rumbling of an earthquake, life can change on a dime. I have promised today to say at least 10 "Thank yous" to people. Why don't you try too? We could make so many people today feel better about themselves. 

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