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How to Care for Heat Defiant Fiber

How to Care for Heat Defiant Fiber


Heat Defiant fiber requires special care to help maintain its overall longevity and luster, but you might be asking yourself if there's anything special about the upkeep of HD fiber vs. synthetic fiber. We’re here to answer those questions and tell you step-by-step how to care for your Heat Defiant wigs and toppers!




-      Prior to washing, gently remove tangles using the wide-tooth comb.

-      Wet hair using cool, running water.

-      Gently lather the hair with a small amount of Fiber Love Synthetic Shampoo (Make sure that the hair is traveling in the same direction, and do not rub the hair, as this can cause tangling.).

-      Rinse thoroughly under cool running water until the water runs clear.

-      Wrap wig or hairpiece in a towel and gently pat dry.


-      While the hair is still damp, spritz 3-5 pumps of Fiber Love Conditioning spray to the ends of the hair.

-      Keep away from roots and base.

-      Place your wig or topper on a stand, leaving it to air dry completely.


-      Once the hair is completely dry, spritz 3-5 pumps onto dry hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb.

Heat Treatment:

-      Before using heat styling tools on your HD wig or topper, make sure to apply Heat Treat Thermal Spray, to provide ample protection to the fiber. 

-      Jon Renau recommends 1-2 pumps per section.

-      HD Fiber has a style memory, so it will retain the style last put in by a heated styling tool.

For Extra Hold:

-      If you want a little extra hold or need to smooth fly-aways, the Fiber Love Holding Spray provides a light hold and brushes out easily without the product buildup.


Need Help with Styling? No Problem! 




Wide-Tooth Comb | Jon Renau Wide-Tooth Comb 

Arguably, the most important tool when it comes to Heat Defiant fiber is the wide-tooth comb! Standard brushes can cause frizzing, tangling, and breakage of the fiber, shortening the overall lifespan of your heat defiant wigs and toppers!


Wig Stand | Plastic | Wire

Heat Defiant fibers air-dry faster than most fibers, but this process can be sped up even more with the help of a wig stand!
This provides a place to safely store your wigs and toppers while they air dry.


HD Smooth Detangler | 8.5 oz 2 oz 

This detangler eliminates tangles and frizz while restoring healthy luster and body.
It also helps enhance and prolong the beauty and longevity of HD fiber!


Heat Treat Thermal Spray | 8.5 oz 2 oz 

Non-sticking thermal protectant and styling spray prevents hair damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools which leaves the hair brushable and volumized.


Fiber Love Holding Spray | 8.5 oz 


Provides long-lasting hold and split-second release, brushing out easily to preserve shine and body, and it's perfect for controlling fly-aways!



Using a shampoo and conditioning spray that caters to synthetic fibers is a must when it comes to proper HD wig care! 


Fiber Love Shampoo | 8.5 oz | 2.5 oz

Restores the salon body and extends the life of synthetic wigs, toppers, or hair extensions. 


Fiber Love Conditioning Spray | 8.5 oz | 2 oz

This leave-in conditioner detangles as it restores the healthy shine of HD and synthetic hair


Want these products without having to buy them each individually? We’ve got you covered!

Check out Jon Renau’s Synthetic Hair Care Kit which includes:

Fiber Love Shampoo
Fiber Conditioning Spray
HD Smooth Detangler
Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb


Planning a trip and don’t want to lug around all your bottles of product?

We recommend Jon Renau’s Synthetic Hair Care Travel Kit which includes:

Fiber Love Shampoo
Fiber Love Conditioning Spray
HD Smooth Detangler
Fiber Love Spray Gel
Jon Renau’s Wide Tooth Comb

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