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How to Measure Your Head and Put on a Wig

How to Measure Your Head and Put on a Wig

Well done, you! You've decided to accept your hair loss and get up, suit up and show up. You are ready to order your first made-to-measure wig. The operative word here is, "measure." In order to get the best fit for the most natural look, it is important to measure your heat as accurately as possible. Here, you will read how to measure your head for a wig if you still have some or all of your hair and how to measure a bald head.

Measuring a Bald Head

You will need three measurements. Using an ordinary tape measure (the one from your sewing kit will do nicely), find the number "1."

The first, and most important, measurement is the circumference. Start at the back of the head, above the ears and come around to the hairline at the front. Can't remember where your hairline used to be? It's four fingers from your brow bone. Pinch the tape where it meets the metal piece so you don't lose the measurement, and there you go!

The next measurement is the top of the head, from ear to ear. It is very important to place the tape about a finger width from the top of the ear. This will keep the wig from rubbing against your ear and making you uncomfortable. Bring the tape over to the same spot above the other ear.

The third and final measurement is from your hairline to the back of the head at the indentation, the occipital bone. This will give you an accurate fit and keep the wig from sliding around on your head.

How to Measure with Hair

If you still have your hair, taking measurements now will make it easier to custom fit your wig so that it is there when you need it. The process is the same as for a bald head, except when measuring the circumference. For this measurement only, pin the hair up. This makes it easy to see the circumference all the way around.

Measuring with hair is slightly easier because you don't need to guess where the hairline starts!

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