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The Best Wigs for Kids

The Best Wigs for Kids

The Best Wigs for Kids

Being a child can be fraught with trauma under normal circumstances. Add to that having an illness, especially one that causes hair loss, can totally shatter a girl’s confidence and self-image. Treating her to a well-fitting and smartly-styled wig can make a world of difference to her outlook about herself and her future. Some health insurance companies will shell out for a “cranial prosthesis” for which your doctor can write a prescription.

Real vs Synthetic Hair

One of the biggest decisions you and your child will face when selecting the best wigs for kids is whether to have real human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair is more flexible in that it can be heat-styled and washed just like natural hair. The down side is it requires far more maintenance and attention than a synthetic hair wig.

Human hair wigs also cost significantly more than synthetic wigs. If your child is at an age when they are rapidly growing, it will far less expensive to buy replacements when she upgrades to the next size up. Another advantage to a synthetic hair wig is that it will always maintain its shape and style with minimal fussing.

Style Considerations

As soon as it is convenient, you will want to take your child to the stylist to have the wig cut while it is on the child’s head. All wigs have surplus hair, especially at the temples, and have to be trimmed to fit the individual shape of your child’s face. If the wig is synthetic, make sure the stylist knows to use special shears.

Other hints and tips for styling a child’s wig:

  • If she wears her hair tied back, a wig with a cap that has lace at the crown will have a more natural look.
  • While it may be tempting to send your daughter to school with a wig that has an integrated scarf or hat, it is a good idea to check with the school first. There may be occasions during the day when girls are required to remove their headgear.
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