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Top Long Hair Wigs

Top Long Hair Wigs

Are you buying a wig but don’t know what style or color suits you? To borrow a quote from the late Coco Chanel, the best wig in the world is the one that looks good on you. If you have been through a long illness or recently completed a course of chemotherapy, chances are your self-confidence has suffered a bit of a dent. This is your chance to try something new to brighten your appearance and your mood.

This is the perfect time to purchase a long wig. Unlike less privileged women who have to wait for their hair to grow out, only to find their natural hair doesn’t suit them long, you have a blank canvas. Wavy, straight, blonde, red, brown, black or even gray/white – it’s all a matter of choice. Try them all!

The Raquel Welch collection has almost 50 styles to choose from and that’s before you select a color! For a sleek, sporty look, try Hat Magic, silky and straight and great with a baseball cap. This wig is available in in 18 colors from pale Poppy Cream or Banana Crème, to Hot Fudge, Chocolate Souffle or Brownie Finale.

If you want to indulge your Veronica Lake fantasies with a wavy and mysterious look, then Limelight might be the choice for you. You can have Butterscotch waves cascading down your back, or go to the other extreme and buy it in Off Black. This style is also available in variegated colors such as Shaded Cappucino, Wheat or Biscuit.

For the child in your life who needs to wear a wig, Jon Renau has designed the Emily, a monofilament synthetic piece in ten colors from pale Banana Crème, Crème Soda or Toffee to Fudge Sicle or Brownie Finale via Peach Tarte, Lucious Caramel or Coffee Cake.

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