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Understanding Color Codes: Raquel Welch Color

Understanding Color Codes: Raquel Welch Color

When it comes to color, no two brands or colors are exactly the same. This is because each brand's colors are comprised of an entirely different set of codes and sometimes varying color families.

To better understand these color codes, we’ll start with the basics.


Becoming familiar with color family ranges is the first step in understanding color.

In general, the color families will work like this: 

Black: 1-2
Brown: 4-12
Blonde: 14-26
Natural Red: 27-33
Vibrant Red: 130-134
Grey: 34-60 & 92
Platinum: 101-104, 613

A general rule of thumb with blacks and browns is that lower numbers will be darker, whereas higher numbers will be lighter. For example, if you are looking at the color R4 by Raquel Welch, you will know that it is a dark brown, whereas the R10 is a lighter chestnut brown.


So what do all those letters mean anyway? Although at first glance, the letters might seem confusing, the reasoning behind them is actually quite simple and can totally transform the way you look at color!

/: Evenly blended
                Exp: R14/25

RL: Tru2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber
                Exp: RL38

R: Raquel Welch Synthetic
                Exp: R10

HH: Human Hair
                Exp: R6HH

S and S+ Multi dimentional blends that reflect the latest coloring techniques being used by salons. Specially blended in front and crown with highlights and lowlights that compliment the basic color
                Exp: R13S or R29S+

T: Tipped. Lighter tipped ends
                Exp: R12T

F: Foil – Base color with two contrasting highlight colors around the face
                Exp: R13F25

SS: Shadow Shades
                Exp: SS19/23 aka 19/23SS

G: Gradient. Graduates from lighter in the front to darker in the back
                Exp: R511G

H: Highlighted
                Exp:  R6/30H

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