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Which Hairstyle Best Suits Your Face Shape?

Which Hairstyle Best Suits Your Face Shape?

Which Hairstyle Best Suits Your Face Shape?

Round Do: Go with layered bangs over straight or heavy ones to slim the face. A hairstyle with height and fullness at the crown can give the impression of a narrower face shape. Longer styles that are close to your cheeks. Make sure it's longer than chin length.

Don't: Go with short, curly locks. Chin length bob cuts or blunt cuts. Avoid ponytails with your hair slicked back.

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Heart Do: Consider chin-length styles with texture work great. Height on top works if the style is shoulder length. Pixie cuts look good, as do longer and wispy bangs. Wispy layered shoulder length cuts also work very well.

Don't: Go with short, full styles that are slicked back. Any long style that widens the top and calls attention to the thinner chin.

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Square Do: Try wearing bangs swept off to the side to minimize square shapes. Short to medium styles look great, especially if rounded or with wispy ends. A style that adds height to the crown works well also.

Don't: Try anything short. It only serves to emphasize the square shape more.

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Diamond Do: Consider a style that adds width to the chin, like a chin length bob cut or shoulder length wispy. Wavy medium to chin length looks great too. Styles that you can tuck behind you ear to show off those cheek bones are also nice.

Don't: Try anything that has a lot of layers or too much volume. Also avoid any short styles with a lot of height on top, especially without bangs.

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Oval Do: Try anything you want! Any style works with an oval head!

Don't: Be afraid to try any style you want.

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