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Grey Wigs and Toppers by Jon Renau

Grey Wigs and Toppers by Jon Renau


Looking for grey styles? Look no further, babe. We’ve created an unforgettable lineup for you right here. Just keep reading →

In the real world, silvery strands are an inevitable part of getting wiser ;) But in the wig world, going grey is totally your choice. Since you’re here, well, maybe that means you’ve made the switch to the silver side! In that case, we have some colors and styles you don’t want to miss.

We love embracing the strikingly beautiful hues of grey, white, and silver. Jon Renau has meticulously designed their greys to mimic the natural way bio hair grows. These are nothing short of dimensional and they are oh-so fabulous, too.

Click each image below to view all information and color options on our website.

Grey Wigs and Toppers by Jon Renau

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