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How to Store Wigs

How to Store Wigs

How to Store Wigs

When it comes to maintaining wigs, it’s not just about using the right care products; proper storage will go a long way in extending the lifespan of your locks! Whether you’ve got one wig or twenty, endless space or limited, today we’ll explore the best storage options for you!

Before we dive in, let’s highlight some of the things you should avoid at all costs: 

Do NOT store in direct sunlight, as it can leave fibers dry, brittle, and can even cause fading of color over time.

Washing your wigs prior to storage is a wonderful idea, but ALWAYS let your wig dry COMPLETELY before storing. Damp wigs in enclosed spaces can become a breeding ground for all kinds of things you’ll want to avoid!

Short Term Storage

If you wear your wigs daily or even weekly, then you’ll likely want to have them ready to go at a moment’s notice. The following storage options will keep your wig camera-ready with minimal need for restyling!

Mannequin Head | Canvas Block Head

Styrofoam head on a non topple holder or clamp

Wig Stand: Plastic | Wire

Don’t have the items listed above or have more wigs than stands? No worries! There’s plenty of creative ways to store your wigs for quick and easy access. The bonus is that you might already have some of these items around your house!

Wall Hooks like the one below. Make sure to wrap the hooks in tissue paper to provide a soft padding between the hook and the wig. Use as many hooks as you need depending on the number of wigs you have! Make sure they're in a safe spot where they aren't at risked of being pulled down. 

Over the door coatracks with hooks (wrap hooks in tissue paper for additional padding)

Single Upright Paper Towel holder

Long Term Storage

If you’re one of many who likes to rotate your wigs seasonally, you’ll want to store your wigs in such a way that protects them from their environment and dust! A cool, dark closet is a wig’s best friend when it comes to storing for long periods of time. Fortunately, storage options are endless!

Prior to storing, consider what condition you would like your wigs to be in. Many opt for gently turning their wigs inside out to help maintain the style. Topping with a hairnet helps prevent tangling by keeping strands in place!

Storing wigs in the original box with a few additional pieces of tissue paper to help retain shape and style is usually a safe bet. Of course, sometimes there’s just not enough shelf space for box storage! Cloth shoe organizers that can be hung from clothing racks are another option for box storage when shelf space is limited.

Already ditched the original boxes or just don’t have the room? There’s plenty of other clever, creative ways to store your wigs!

For instance, you can attach large gallon-sized ziplock bag to a pant-hanger (the clothes hangers with clamps, specifically meant for hold pants) and place your wig inside. This allows you to hang your wigs on your clothes rack. Make sure to gently wrap your wig within a covering to help keep dust out (i.e. tissue paper, a scarf, a pillow case.) Create a label specifying the style, brand, and color and place the label on the hangers for ease in locating certain wigs!

You can also hang your wig on coat racks! Just make sure to wrap a few extra pieces of tissue paper around the hooks to create a soft padding between your wig and the hook.


Shoeboxes and storage containers also work as box replacement, but make sure to choose containers that are solid in color to help protect your wigs from sunlight!

Storing For a Trip

Headed on a vacation with your gorgeous locks? Proper storage is a must!

Try our Belle Tress Travel bag, perfect on-the-go storage!

Don’t have a travel bag? Wigs can be safely stored within luggage in a large, ziplock bag. Make sure to trap a little air within the bag before sealing it to help prevent flattening to the style. To further maintain the style, remove the protective cardboard rectangle from your wig box and include it in the bag around your wig. If you’ve lost the protective cardboard, try cutting a strip out of a thin piece of cardboard (such as a serial box or posterboard) and crafting it into an similar shape and use as bobbypin to hold it together. This will work well as a make-shift shape protector!

If you’re travelling by car, you can always keep it in it’s original wig box in the back seat out of direct sunlight. Make sure to unpack your wig first and never leave it in a hot car for long periods of time!

Have a crafty method of storing that’s not listed above? Make sure to let us know in the comments! 

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