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Pros & Cons of Synthetic, Heat-Resistant Synthetic, & Human Hair

Pros & Cons of Synthetic, Heat-Resistant Synthetic, & Human Hair

In this blog, we take a deep look at the three main fiber types: synthetic, heat-resistant synthetic, and human hair. We talk about what makes each fiber great, maintenance, lifespan, cap construction, styling, and more!




It may be a common fiber type, but that doesn’t mean synthetics don’t have a lot going for them! The classic synthetic fiber type has so many advantages– one of the biggest being the style that stays wash after wash for a low maintenance look. It’s permanent color doesn’t fade and in addition to synthetics not reacting to weather like humidity (can I get a woop woop!), you can expect them to last the longest of any other synthetic-type fiber. It has a lifespan of 4-6 months with daily wear and proper care. You can enjoy all of these features knowing that you got your synthetic style at a fantastic price compared to any other fiber type.

Synthetic fibers aren’t without their disadvantages, however (What? We all have flaws). You can expect synthetics to have more shine than other types. They aren’t dyeable, but there are so many color options to choose from to find your perfect shade. Synthetics do tangle, however. While it is not safe to use heat on synthetics (so no hot tools or blow dryers), you can definitely use steam to defrizz or style!


Heat-Friendly (also known as Heat-Resistant)

The alter-ego of synthetics, heat-resistant fiber, is a synthetic that has been heat-treated for use with hot tools (up to 350°F, but 270-280°F is recommended). It has many of the same advantages as synthetics, such as that glorious baked-in style that doesn’t get drab after washing, plus a more natural texture. Heat-resistant fibers can be found in many styles and cap options, too, although not as many as synthetic. Not only does it not react to weather or humidity, but it tends to have less shine than synthetic! 

You can expect HD fibers to have the shortest lifespan of all fibers, lasting about 2-6 months with daily wear and proper care, because HD tangles and frizzes very easily. While you can’t dye this fiber, there is a large variety of gorgeous color options so you can find your ideal shade!


Human Hair

With an ultra-realistic look and feel, human hair has a lot going for it. You have full reign to style it with hot tools or a blow dryer to get the look you want (Yep, you heard us right!). Since this organic fiber is dyeable, you can have your local stylist create the perfect color match for you. Best of all, human hair lasts quite a long time compared to the other fiber types. It can last about 9-12 months with daily wear and proper care!

While human hair is super luxurious and natural, it requires the most maintenance and investment of any other fiber. It doesn’t maintain its style after washing, so it must be restyled often, which takes more time and effort. Unlike synthetic fibers, human hair reacts to weather and humidity just like bio hair.

 Every fiber has its own advantages and disadvantages, so which one you choose depends on your preference. But who says you have to stick with one fiber type? You can try them all!


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