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Synthetic Fiber Tutorial

Synthetic Fiber Tutorial

Video Highlights:
0:04 - This is Patti and I'm from
0:21 - that can be anything from the witches wig
0:37 - if I pull these hairs out
0:56 - the softness and the ability
1:12 - and I can uh put the conditioner on her
1:27 - that's the beauty of synthetic
1:46 - remember this is a fiber
2:04 - you can use a heat tool
2:20 - this iis synthetic
2:34 - have a great day

Video Transcript

Welcome to Patti's Wig Academy. This is Patti and I'm from Wigs by Patti's Pearls. We're going to talk about synthetic fiber right now. This is synthetic fiber and it's the best synthetic fiber that you can buy. When somebody tells you they're getting a synthetic wig, that can be anything from the witch's wig at the party store or it can be a designer's wig like this. The difference in the synthetics are that this synthetic wig has Dinur that is so fine, if I pull these hairs out, they're like real hair and you can't even see them. That's the difference between this and the wig that you're going to buy at the party store. This is a designer wig. Your synthetic fiber will range in price from the finest of the Dinur, the softness, and the ability to crunch it. And it feels like real hair.

Now, on this wig, it is styled for you. It has memory for you. What's great about that? I can wash this wig -- this is Julianne -- and I get put the conditioner on her and then shake it, lay it on a towel, it'll dry. When I get up in the morning, it would be dry in my bathroom . . . pick it up, shake it, do it with my fingers, and you're ready to walk out the door. That's the beauty of synthetic.

The one problem that you might have with synthetic is this. Number one, you can't color it. A lot of girls say, "Well, can I add a few more streaks?" No, darling. By the time we got the chemicals hot enough to change its color, it's going to burn the fiber. Remember, this is a fiber. This is a textile. It is like cashmere and silk, but it's still a textile so you can't color it and you can't really use a flat iron or curling rods and so forth. There is a caveat to that, you can use a heat tool if it is 170 degrees or below. Now, we're going to have those on our website and you be sure to look for them under "accessories." And then you can add a little curl here, a little flat iron there.

This is synthetic tool . . . comfortable. You can't change the style. You can't color it. But guess what? You can get up in the morning, throw your wig on, and be ready to go in about two minutes. Have a great day.

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