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What Do All The Numbers Mean?

What Do All The Numbers Mean?


Video Highlights:

0:07 - What up with all these numbers

0:30 - Are you confused by what all the numbers mean

0:45 - under description you will see a lot of numbers

1:01 - B for bang 

1:23 - Patti shows you the Crown of the wig

1:32 - Where do you begin with the side measurement?

1:41 - Where does the ear tab go?

2:03 - Where the heck is the nape?

2:15 - The Cap needs to be right at the Occipital bone

2:33 - Where is the side measurement 

2:46 - Patti shows the front measurement

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Patti again from Wigs by Patti's Pearls. What's up with all these numbers? I want to do a tutorial today, a real quick "how to." I know a lot of you get so confused when you look at the website, and it does description and cap and gives all these initials B, C, S, N, and it gives a number and you're going, "What?" I want to show you what those mean today.

When you look at the website, this is Courtney, you're going to have the pictures. We try to make more pictures and videos down below. You're going to have your color selection on there. And then under description, right here, you're going to see on the web whether it's a mono top, a smart lace, and then they're going to give you these numbers, these measurements.

Here's what that means. When you look at the wig, if it says B, that's usually the first letter, B for bang, whether it's a full bang or whether it's a side bang, what you're going to do, the bang part is right in the front here. And the bang on the Courtney, believe it or not, is 10.5. Then you're going to go to the crown. The crown is what, on the very top of the wig, right up here, that is going to be the crown measurement and that's 10.75.

Then you're going to go to the side. The side, where to even begin with the side? You go to where the ear tab would be. That's the part right here up in your ear is free. The ear tab is here. Remember, they're going to be on straight like a stick right here, this is your side. For the Courtney, it would be right here and it's 11 inches.

Then, they have N for nape. Now, where the heck is the nape? The nape is in the back, love. You go to the back of the wig, and remember how we say that the cap needs to be right here at the occipital bone where it indents right there, that is considered the nape. So you go right to there and you pull down hair and you know how long it's going to be down on your body. And this is, I think it's like 13.5, something like that. So that's the nape.

This, right at the ear tab, is the side, at the very top, crown, and at the very front, as if you were going to go like this, that's the bang, whether it's a side bang or whatever, that's the length of the bang.

I hope this helps you a little bit so that you don't feel like you're reading Greek, honey. Have a great day. I'll see you soon.

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