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Understanding Color Codes: Estetica

Understanding Color Codes: Estetica


Becoming familiar with color family ranges can better help you understand the colors you are looking at.

In general, the color families will work like this:

Black: 1-2
Brown: 4-12
Blonde: 14-26
Natural Red: 27-33
Vibrant Red: 130-134
Grey: 34-60 & 92
Platinum: 101-104, 613

A general rule of thumb with blacks and browns is that lower numbers will be darker, whereas higher numbers will be lighter. For example, R2/4 by Estetica is the dark brown blend, whereas the color R9/12 is a light golden brown and light brown blend.


/:      Evenly blended
                Exp: R6/10

BT:   Blended Tip – Top half of base color blended & tipped to bottom half of highlight
                Exp:  R24/18BT

H:     Highlight – Traditional highlights
                Exp: R12/26H

CH:    Chunky Highlight – Side by side streaks of contrasting colors, chunkier than traditional        highlights
                Exp: R12/26CH

F:       Frosted – 80% base color frosted with 20% highlight color
                Exp: R25F

LF:    Light Front – Gradual lightening to top of head
                Exp: R6LF29

ROM  Ombre  – Dark base on top with subtle transition to lightest point at the ends and sunkissed               highlights on top of head
                Exp: ROM1488

RT     Rooted – Natural base color at the root
                Exp: R20RT8 

T:        Tipped – Dark base tipped with highlighted ends
                Exp: R56T

BT:     Blended and Tipped
                Exp: R24/18BT

BG:    Base color very gradually blends into a lighter color at the tips
                Exp: R613BG26

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