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Wearing Wigs with Glasses

Wearing Wigs with Glasses

Wearing Wigs with Glasses

If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while, then you know the struggle of trying to determine how to wear them with wigs. You’ve probably weighed the options of tucking them under or over your ear tabs, or even just wearing contacts to eliminate the headache altogether (literally).

The truth is, there is no textbook solution, as there are no wigs that are made specifically for those of us with corrective lenses; however, there certainly are factors that can make the experience more comfortable!

Cap construction is everything when it comes to staying cozy and secure in your glasses. Wefted wigs (Open Cap, Mono-Top, Mono-Part, etc.) allow you to slide the frames through the wefts of the wig, which aids in keeping them secure and in place with minimal to no irritation!  

For hand tied wigs, you'll have two different options:

Tucking the frames under the ear tabs
Tucking the frames over the ear tabs

Tucking the frames beneath the ear tabs provides more security overall, ensuring that your glasses remain in-tact and slip-free throughout the day!

Those who are prone to tension headaches may prefer sliding the frames over the ear tabs instead, which helps reduce pressure.

As you’ve probably noticed, ear tabs will fall in different places on different wigs, with some resting below the ears and some resting closer to the temples. In wigs where the ear tabs fall higher than, glasses can be worn comfortably without needing to be tucked, as there will usually be a gap between the top of your ear and the ear tabs.

Have a creative solution for wearing glasses with wigs? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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