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Understanding Color Codes: Gabor

Understanding Color Codes: Gabor


Becoming familiar with color family ranges can better help you understand the colors you are looking at.

In general, the color families will work like this:

Black: 1-2
Brown: 4-12
Blonde: 14-26
Natural Red: 27-33
Vibrant Red: 130-134
Grey: 34-60 & 92
Platinum: 101-104, 613

A general rule of thumb with blacks and browns is that lower numbers will be darker, whereas higher numbers will be lighter. For example, the color GL2-6 by Gabor is blend of a dark natural brown and a medium natural brown, whereas the color GL10-12 is a light golden brown mixed with the lightest ash brown. 


- :     First number is the base color whilst the second number is the subtle highlight

                Exp: GL14-16

GL:  Gabor Luminous. Collection of multidimentional shades created by hand blending tone on tone hues to create natural looking highlights
                Exp: GL2-6

G+: Mist – Multi dimensional blended colors with face framing highlights and lowlights in the front that graduate to a darker color at the nape
                Exp: G11+

SS:  Rooted
                Exp: GL14-16SS

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