As a general rule when choosing a color, you’ll want to stay as close to your natural hair color or the color of your eyebrows as it offers a more natural look for seamless beauty. You don’t want to choose a color that’s too drastic. For example, if you have blonde eyebrows, it would be best to avoid a dark black wig. When picking a wig hair color, it’s important to understand how certain colors compliment your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair. Warm colors are often better for those with golden, olive, or dark skin. Those with undertones of pink, pale peach, or golden skin tones look great in warm colors. In addition, warm colors compliment those with golden brown, green, blue, or hazel eyes. If you enjoy wearing gold jewelry, warm colors will also compliment your jewelry. Look for wigs that offer dark browns, chestnuts, golden browns, auburns, or golden or red highlights.

Cool colors look great on people who have very dark skin tones with little to no pink undertones. Cool colored wigs are ideal for eye colors ranging from dark browns and blues to blue-grays and dark hazels. The best wig colors for these tones and eye colors include natural colors, like black, brown, white blonde, and even ash tones. If you like silver jewelry, cool colors will compliment your jewelry, too. However, you want to avoid bronze and auburn colors.